With over 10 years of experience, and being based in Vienna and Barcelona, we offer a tailored service to capture the atmosphere and essence of conferences in a variety of fields. Our regular clients include medical congresses of various sizes, some of them with up to 6000 attendees.
Our services are tailored to meet the unique requirements you might need at your events.
These services include, but are not limited to:
-       Event Documentation
-       Image Pictures for social media
-       Speaker portraits for publications
-       Evening and side events around the congress
-       Reliable and timely service
Christopher has been working as a photographer since 2007. Starting out in photojournalism, he worked on assignments in Asia and South America, including predominantly in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
Over the years he explored various fields of photography; from fashion to art-reproduction. Yet with age came responsibility and family, so instead of seeking the thrills abroad, he now focuses on capturing the moods and atmosphere of congresses across Europe.
Born in Vienna, Christopher is based in Barcelona & Vienna. He speaks german, english and spanish.
Andrew Rinkhy has worked throughout Europe, North America and Asia on various portraiture and environmental documentary projects. 
He specialises in hand-crafted, individualised portraiture and photographic storytelling and is always looking forward to the next adventure, be it big or small. Andrew was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and is currently based in Vienna, Austria. He is available for hire wherever a plane, train, ship, rickshaw or his own legs can take him.
David Arnoldi has been passionate about capturing scenes and moments from an early age. Teaching himself the basics of analog photography he started exploring different genres and established himself as a regular photographer of Barcelonas nightlife - portraying its artists, its musicians and its wide range of personalities. While his standing as a professional photographer grew over the years, he started managing international bands on the side; his success with his musicians grew rapidly, causing David to focus on artist management and artistic projects, establishing himself in Ibiza's and Europe's Music industry and photographing the modern aristocracy of Ibiza today.
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